Sunday, 8 February 2015

Taylor and the Elderly Woman of Means

Wedding Banns of Robert Taylor and Harriet Robinson
Ever since we found the old notes (1940's) copied from a diary (1830-40's) we knew that:
"Mrs. Robinson was married to Mr. Taylor Jan 17th, 1834. "
We guessed that Mrs. Robinson was a Harriet Robinson who had witnessed John Brooks's marriage to Elizabeth Stagoll in 1808. We also guessed from other mentions in the diary that the Mr. Taylor was the Rev. Robert Taylor. But up until now we could find no evidence!

Many a biography talks of Taylor and his marriage to an elderly lady of property. An obituary stated that, 'he met a lady somewhat stricken in years, who subsequently became Mrs. Taylor. This wedding, of course, roused the ire of Miss Richards [who Richard Carlile had introduced to him and this had lead to a promise of marriage], who commenced an action for a breach of promise of marriage, and recovered 250l. damages, to avoid the payment of which Mr. Taylor and his bride departed for Tours. Though some disparity of years existed between Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, they lived very happily."  

Also mentioned on the wedding document is Thomas Prout, possibly of 229 The Strand, who has correspondence with Francis Place regarding the Reform Bill. Also listed is William Devonshire Saull who you can read about here.

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