Saturday, 21 February 2015

Curious Water-Colour from Canada

The beauty of the internet and the accessibility to information it has created was demonstrated last year when we were contacted by a lady from Canada. A friend of hers had acquired a water-colour entitled 'The Curio-Hunters'. It shows two orthodox priests admiring what looks like a holy-water bottle.   

On the back of the picture is pasted a note:
"27 Hornsey Rise Gardens, N

My dear May,
I am sending this little water-color with best wishes for your birth-day.

The old gentlemen are “curio-hunters” in another part of the world, in the same way as your own father is, in this England of our’s.

With love from Mrs. Brooks and myself.

Yours faithfully,

Oct. 20th, 1901"

We have managed to find out nothing more about the painting or who May was but at least the modern owner of the piece knows a little something of the giver.

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