Monday, 20 October 2008

Mustard Pot on the Trot

omnibus"Coming down Tottenham Court Road I was much struck by the Omnibuses, yellow then as now: they certainly appeared of a size not less than a tram-car would appear to me at the present time and I was amused to hear them described as “mustard pots” a name for these yellow vehicles that has not quite disappeared."

Frederick Vincent Brooks' childhood experience of a London Omnibus from the 1850's.

The first horse dawn omnibus services were started in London by George Shillingbeer in 1829. Apparently, despite problems with dishonest conductors and various lawsuits the service proved a success and George soon had several competitors.

The vehicle pictured was built in 1885 by Patsy Hearn a famous wheelwright, London Bus and Hansom Cab operator. It's home is now the West Runton Shire Horse Centre in Norfolk.