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Dusty Diary Delivers Dates

The following is a transcription of papers which appear to be from the diary of Elizabeth Brooks nee Steggall 1790-:

Copy of notes from a diary found at 27 Hornsey Rise Gdns, & lent to us by Edith.

I met Madame de Rausman at Mr Morgan’s 1834 Jan 6th. [poss. John Minter Morgan]
Mrs. Robinson was married to Mr. Taylor Jan 17th, 1834. [Rev. Robert Taylor 1784-1844]
Mr. Julian Hibbert died Jan 22nd, 1834. [Born 1801, atheist]

[from The Gentleman's Magazine Published by F. Jefferies, 1834]

My first visit to Jersey with Harriet Aug 20th, 1834. [Harriet Brooks,b.1832, Elizabeth's daughter]
My second visit to Jersey & called at the Isle of Wight Aug 18th, 1836.
Mr. Thomber first attendance on Harriet Oct 11th 1837, and continued his visits twice a week till April 1st 1839.
Began to strengthen Feb 15th, 1839. Began to walk Aug 1st, 1839.
Frederic returned to Jersey Nov 15th, 1837. [Frederic Brooks, Elizabeth's son]
J. Brooks at Mr. Greenfells April 21st, 1838. [John Brooks, Husband]
J. Brooks set off to Bologne May 1838.
J. Brooks Guernsey July 6th, 1838.
Paid a visit to Mr. Watts at Ditton July 29th, 1838.
Mr. & Mrs. Hooper came to London the same week.
J.B set off to Jersey Aug 10th, 1838. [John Brooks]
J.B returned home Nov 24th, 1838.
Fred Brooks sailed in the Iris to Newfoundland Sept 22nd, 1838.
Returned home Jan 21st, 1839.
J.B set off to Jersey Feb 11th, 1839 and returned to London Feb 23rd, 1839.
We arrived in Jersey May 19th, 1839.
Mr. M & Mrs. Broomfield came Sept 21st, 1839.
Mr, & Mrs. Barlow came Nov 1st, 1839.
Left about the end of the year 1840.
My beloved sister Fanny married Feb 27th, 1820.
Elizabeth Matilda Clara born Dec 30th, 1820, her only child.
On the 10th of January 1826 my dear sister with her husband & child were lost off the Texel coming from Bolivia to Amsterdam. [Texel= island on Dutch coast]
Frederic came home Feb, 1840, left March 30th, 1841.
Mr. & Mrs. V.B. May 1841. [Vincent Brooks]
Fred left May 4th, 1841.
Harriet christened at St. Aubins Church May 13th, 1841. [Jersey]
Miss [Elizabeth] Beard came June 6th, 1841.
Miss Rogers came June 7th, 1841.
Mrs. V.B. returned July 30th, 1841.
Mrs. V.B returned to Jersey Feb 28th, 1842.
Myself and Harriet left for France April 24th, 1842.
Miss Rogers returned to London May 27th, 1842.
Left Tours for Jersey June 4th, 1842, got home the 7th, found Vincent who had come to take home poor Mary, they set off June 10th, 1842, and my poor girl died August 3rd, 1842. [Death of Mary Ann Brooks nee Wybrow]
Harriet left Jersey for the convent at Valonges July 7th, 1843. [Benedictine convent]
Left Jersey with Mr. Harrison for London March 1844.
Set off from Tower for Valonges April 21st, 1844. Via Le Havre.
My second visit to Tour June 7th, 1844. Mr. Taylor died about 7th June 1844. [Rev R Taylor]
Brought Harriet home for holidays from convent August 17th, 1845.
Harriet returned for good in September 1846.
Left St. Aubins Xmas 1845. Took Millbrook Cottage Xmas 1845.
Left Millbrook Cottage Xmas 1849.
Visited London May 1850 with Harriet and took my Alfred home. [Alfred Brooks, her Grandson, aged 3?]
Harriet set off for London May 17th, 1851.
H. Brooks left Jersey for London September 12th, 1851 and returned with Harriet Oct 11th, 1851.[poss. mistake? J. Brooks]
I paid a visit to Mrs. Taylor in Cumberland and returned October 11th, 1851.
M.S. died June 1851.
Fred’s children:
Harriet Brooks born Sept 9th, 1847.
Margaret Jane Brooks, Aug 19th, 1849.
Frederic 29th April 1853 in Quebec.

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