Wednesday, 10 September 2008

In Good Company

Frederick attends an evening at the Oxford Music Hall with a partner in the firm of John Weiss & Son, a man by the name of Foveaux. A preliminary search reveals that the once cutlers and now surgical instrument makers had their premises at 62 Strand at the time of Frederick's meeting.

"John’s son Frederick Foveaux Weiss also joined the company in 1831, which became John Weiss & Son for the first time. John Weiss died on December 25th, 1843, and was buried by his wishes in St. Nicholas churchyard, Brighton. His large fortune took care of his widow, son, daughter, sister, stepsister, porter and coach man. Frederick Foveaux Weiss then managed the company."

It is credit to Frederick's namesake that the business became noted for its quality in manufacture and success, even when the market for surgical instruments changed with the growth in the modern hospital. Despite the bright future in store for the partner, it is gratifying to know that 'Foveaux' still took pleasure in mixing with the common folk at the music hall.

History - John Weiss International
Snowden & Brother (1860) Surgical and Dental Instruments Catalogues from the Civil War Era

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jeams said...

Hubert Foveaux Weiss was the younger brother of Frederick. A well known surgeon he died young and left a widow and young son. Avis married again. Her second husband was John O'Connor Power. Her son Hubert Foveaux Weiss died in the Great War.