Tuesday, 27 November 2007

A Word on William Wybrow

We've heard quite a bit regarding Frederick's father and grandfather's activities so it is appropriate to mention his other esteemed maternal grandfather. The publisher William Wybrow was, by Frederick's account, quite fond of a tipple in his later years. No hint of intemperance is betrayed in the largely and alternatively spiritual material he was producing in the realm of the arts. Sheet music appears to have been his mainstay with some work satirical in nature.

Like John Brooks, Wybrow's firm appears to have been struck by criminal opportunists and it is through this court case we learn of the nature of his business run with his brother Stephen. Fortunately for the alleged thieves, the sentences are merciful. Records show the premises at 24 Rathbone Place was known as "The Temple of Apollo" and William is listed in the trade directories, here and at no. 33, from 1822-57.

The area of the shop has for a long time been characteristically artistic and Bohemian with artists and craftsman occupying the quarter. It is gratifying to know that this haunt, just off Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street, is still occupied by those in the music business.

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